Inspection of boats and Yachts

The hull of a yacht or of a boat is under normal circum-stances heavily stressed by its surroundings. Sooner
or later, this will cause surface wear which will allow the water to penetrate through the gel coat into the
material. Should the incoming water molecules reach a void containing substances such as unreacted resins;
then, the water droplets will dissolve out the soluble substances creating a dense liquid. At this point osmosis
will take over and draw the water molecules through the gel coat at a much faster rate. When a void has been
filled, the process continues and pressure builds up forming a blister that normally leads to delaminations in the
composite material. C-CheckIR can help detects defects like delaminations or water inclusions at an earlier state
and does not require extensive training for the performance of the NDT inspections.

Among others C-CheckIR localizes following defects:

  • Water inclusions in laminate
    e.g. ingress of water molecules caused by osmosis
  • Inspection of the hull structure
    e.g. for inspection works
  • Detection of previous repairs
    e.g. in composite components