Thermographic Inspections of Aircrafts

The body of a modern aircraft is made in a big percentage from composite materials like CRP/CFRP. To this
date, inspection equipment for these materials tends to be built in a quite complex way, making on site
measurements difficult and normally a task to be performed just by experts. C-CheckIR, with its very simple and
compact design and it’s very intuitive user-interface, enables the easy detection of defects such as: water
inclusions, delaminations or defect bondings on the aircraft fuselage, rudders, etc. A measurement
with C-CheckIR covers an area of 430 x 340 mm² and is performed in a just few seconds. This makes it possible
to complete NDT inspection fast, optimizing staff costs and reducing aircraft downtimes.

C-CheckIR localizes following defects:

  • Disconnected appointments in bounded CFRP-Structures
    e.g. between hull and doubler
  • Water and ice inclusions
    e.g. in rudders or other honeycomb components
  • Delaminationen in layered composite components
    e.g. in Stringers